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Commercial Roofing Storm Repair

When a storm hits, business owners are often left with little time to prepare their facilities for what is to come. As a commercial roofing contractor located near the Gulf Coast, we understand the severe impacts that storms can have on commercial roofs and are experts at repairing these damages.

Is your commercial roof showing signs of damage after a storm? Do you need a roof replacement due to a storm? If you are experiencing leaking or cracking in your roof, call Mid-Western Roofers for repair solutions. We can provide inspection, repair, and replacement options to suit the need of your business, and get your company back up and running after weather events such as hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, or lightning.

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Rain Damage

Rain and the moisture caused by rain have the potential to severely damage commercial roofing structures. It is important to stay aware of the impacts of water damage to roofs because at times, your roof may be damaged without your knowledge. In these cases, damage results in costly repairs. If you find yourself in need of roofing repair due to rain damage, look no further than Mid-Western Commercial Roofers. Give us a call today and we will get your roof back in the best shape to combat mold, humidity, or structural damage due to rain events.

Winter & Snow Damage

Winter Damage to Commercial Flat Roofs

Commercial flat roofs tend to hold snow, which causes extra weight to be added to roofs in colder snowy months. Added weight due to snow can lead to issues with insulation and building support. Additionally, after snow melts, sitting water can cause major problems with flat commercial roofs.

Winter Damage to Commercial PVC Roofs

PVC roofs that are nearing the end-of-life can shatter during cold temperatures that winter months bring. In the event of a PVC roofing failure due to ice, snow, or cold temperatures, contact Mid-Western Commercial Roofers for roofing replacement.

Winter Damage to Commercial BUR Roofs

BUR commercial systems are also more vulnerable near the end of their lifespan. These systems can experience cracking during extreme cold temperatures and winter weather events such as snow. If you have a BUR system, contact us to establish regular maintenance to prepare for winter. If your roof has already cracked, we can assist with repairs or replacement.

Lightning Damage

What are the signs of lightning damage to my commercial roof?

Commercial roofs struck by lightning typically display a black colored mark on the roofing surface. Roofs struck by lightning may lead to leaks and other damage, so it is important to stay aware of these weather events and monitor your roof. If you suspect your roof may have been struck by lightning, call us for repair.

Wind Damage

The Gulf Coast is no stranger to wind damaged roofs caused by hurricanes and tornadoes. Not only does high wind pose the risk of damage on its own, but high wind speeds can also cause debris to damage commercial roofs. With some storms bringing winds of over 100 mph, Mid-Western Roofers is on call to provide the commercial roofing inspection, repair, and replacement 24/7.

Hail Damage

Hail storms are a common force of nature that can have severe impacts on commercial roof stability.

What are the signs of hail damage to a commercial roof?

  • Punctures - Flat roofs are typically at a higher risk for punctures than other roofs. Flat roofs that have punctures will have depressions in the roof membrane surface. These punctures can harm the effectiveness of coatings and lead to leaks if not thouroughly repaired.
  • Dents - Dents are common results of hail damage to commercial roofing near the outer edges. Denting should be addressed by contractors sooner rather than later to prevent commercial roofing systems from becoming compromised.

If your business is impacted by a hailstorm, call Mid-Western Commercial Roofers for an inspection and repair.

Storm Preparedness for Commercial Roofs


Mid-Western Commercial Roofers can help you stay prepared for storms, whether it's preparing for hurricane season June - November or bracing for a hailstorm. To be ready for these uncontrollable events, it is recommended to maintain a regular inspection schedule for your commercial roof. Scheduling regular maintenance on your commercial roofing system can go a long way and save you money when a storm hits. It is also recommended that all roofing insurances and warranties are up to date in the event of a storm. 

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